Tactical Alarm System

Design Academy Eindhoven
Openbaar Ministerie, politie en ministerie van Veiligheid & Justitie

Creative solutions to prevent domestic burglary
first year masters 2013

Bruc is an alarm system that aims to be a playful interactive house tool. A family of ceramic pieces that allow home owners to create and personalize a tactical alarm disposition in order to prevent home thefts. Triggered by proximity sensors and using visual and auditory outputs Bruc interacts with unwanted or unexpected guests.


The goal of Bruc is to reframe alarm systems in a more enjoyable and constructive interaction, where home owners are necessary part of the success of the system. At the same time encourages the user to place himself in burglars position in order to be able to point his/her house weak points (safety related) and react to them.

Designed as a set of pieces of chess game, that are interconnected to create a network that include, proximity sensors (Pawns), sound alarms (Horses), light alarms (Bishops), signal repeaters (Towers), central computer (Queen) and which I call "the last one standing" (King) which reacts when moved by triggering both alarm systems. This network is designed to make the burglar doubt and leave, to create caos that cannot be easily rationalizable in a moment of precaution and extremely tension in the burglar. To create the feeling of presence, the feeling of loosing control of the situation.

Design Academy Eindhoven- OM
Presentation Safety june'13.

Bruc, more than a typical alarm system which is there but is rarely noticeable, is a home interactive tool that brings awareness while using it . That looks for a more human approach than home safety traditional concepts while bringing the object back to the tangible environment. Referring Bruc to the chess game is also a tool to create a quick understanding of the system in its use, possibilities and importance of trying to think several moves forward (than the burglar) which in the end is the best prevention to home thefts.

“The legend of The drummer boy of “el Bruc” tells us that a boy from Santpedor defeated an entire column of French soldiers during the battle in the El Bruc in June 1808, armed only with his drum in the context of war (1808-1814). The El Bruc was the first continental defeat of Napoleon’s army, which had hitherto enjoyed a sort of aura of invincibility that accompanied them in the battlefields. Is noteworthy that the El Bruc was not a pitched battle, but a kind of skirmish where the French retreat , frightened by the possibility of being subject to an ambush in the mountains of Montserrat by an army of sound eco’s from one single drum.”

OM - Spaces - ELLE Inside Design Amsterdam 2013
OM- Fokker Terminal Den Hague "[veilig] door innovatie Innovatie in het veiligheidsdomein: the next step" Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie

pictures from Camille Bulteau Barreau