Jerusalem design week 2017

In collaboration with:
Aya Bentur, Bili Regev, Raphael Coutin
and the other members of Fictional collective

We are Fictional Collective, we are not an institution yet we define collective ground. Engaging through a non-physical interface, we create, exchange and share information through discursive performative objects, exhibitions, and interventions. The Island we live in is an always changing landscape of architecture, rituals, and definitions. We believe in the opportunities heterotopia can bring, in the multiplicity of different visions as a starting point for critical discourses.

Temporally contextualized during Jerusalem Design Week, twenty-seven voices from diverse geographical locations come together to create a heterogeneous installation, Fictional Island - a space where information creates opportunities through an automatized yet uncertain process.

Fictional Island processes the results of three months of communication between Fictional Collective members. The communication took place over Whatsapp and was directed by questions and statements on the elements that compose an island. Developed in three phases, the installation characterizes Fictional Collective’s working process: a constant flow of unfiltered information, a mechanism compiling multiple voices into multiple islands, and finally the temporal course of the island and its story.

On Fictional Island there is no one version of truth or reality, multiple voices create multiple islands. The initial information is shaped into a range of elements forming a carousel while a turning mechanism creates changing perspectives of the island.


Pictures: Dor Kedmi  (JDW)