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Design money making.

Prints and printing press

DDW '17 Eindhoven

Set of 4 print combinations of "design money" under the label Designers without borders, the results where given away as part of the conclusion of the project.


Economics is a ultrastructure coherent with the evolution of our political society, we are defined by it as much as we created it. But the concept of value moved from a material value exchange to an abstract algorithmic relation. Right now we need a different paradigm because we cannot trust a system so complex we don't understand. The economical structure frames our group behaviour and will collapse when will reach the tipping point of individual distrust. Like any other empire an organisation can't eternally grow in a world of limited resources or be representative of individuals. We will look for systems to be more flexible, allow better individual appropriation and define more resilient relationships, leaving growth - as core value - to oblivion.

The synchronicity inherent to the system structure experienced by the ripple economical crisis is exemplary to hack from the opposite direction. History is full of examples, we know that large empires prone to disaggregation or disappearance. The horizon of a new paradigm brings hope and illusion as triggers of change. What network theory, chaos theory or quantum physics present is the change of perception, the need to disbelief accepted knowledges, the curiosity for more and better. Designing chaos can bring order, clusters can bring synchronicity, balance is nothing without tension, human size values can bring empathy.

Economics and the subsequent political structure will adapt or will eventually collapse. The appropriate question we have to make is if we will do with them.


Part of text : Big empires tend to collapse
written in 2017