Corradino Garofalo, Joan Vellvé Rafecas

Fragment 21 / Matter Of Dialogue from Fictional Collective on Vimeo.

Matter of Dialogue from Joan Vellvé Rafecas on Vimeo.

”In nature nothing is still. The idea of a nature fixed at 1 June 1969 or a face fixed at thirty-two years and eight days old is completely unreal; quite apart from the fact that if we stop nature we shall never be able to understand her.
Think of a tree when it is a seed, and then imagine it tall and green and flowering, laden with fruit. Think of it in autumn, and in winter. All this is nature and nature is all of this, not just one moment of it.”

Bruno Munari
Design as Art
chapter: The Tetracone
page: 174


‘Matter of Dialogue’ is an ongoing material research embodied in a conversation revolving around the topic of temporality. Material exercises, and their activation, become narrators of temporality, as well as representatives of both designers' methodologies. ,Temporality drives the way materials are combined during the process of the conversation.

Concrete, plaster and reed straws represent the project starting point. The collection of material samples is an open archive of possibilities rather than an end result. Indeed the project goal is to structure temporality in a material conversation, in which the use of raw materials and simple techniques defines the design framework. “Matter of dialogue” aims to present an alternative point of view on the production of artifacts,
challenging the current perception as enclosed structures, neither transformative nor evolutive.