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From Stordes update 2017

"When designing an organisation we should avoid the assumption that the perfection on a bureau layer can be assimilated by the reality that lays underneath. There is no common sense that would tell that humans are perfected machines that disconnect their imperfections while working nor that every organism should “work” (structurally speaking) in the same way. Even if machines would be perfect and therefore they could substitute us, who would imagine that the natural deviation of human uniqueness would not be perfect?"

"We believe ourselves as unique individuals. Yet when we measure our organisational standards we provide ready-made suits for unique organisations. In that way, we should envision organisations as the result of the exchange between unique individuals (value created), which turns into unique organisations. In the opposite we envision unique organisations by applying always the same management methods, rules and bureaucracy, forcing individuals to act regarding the organisation and not the other way around."