New beginning from the remains of the current state.

Prometheus has to be seen as a community design around an Eindhoven canal, the Dommel, focused on the process of making tools in order to rediscover forgotten knowledge and to enhance personal and community creativity through the limitations and unlimited resources that water can provide.

Nowadays technology is in our daily life, simplifying and decontextualizing the processes beyond every single system, creating gaps between our actions, the process, the use and the consequences. Moreover our self-conscious as autonomous makers has been downsized proportionally to the technological uprising.

The project was developed as a critical exhibition and statement around the three following questions;

What will be the resources of a utopian civilisation that emerges from the remains of the current state?

What will be the raw materials that they could use?

Which is the imprint that we are making into our surroundings?

How they would solve the primary needs of fire and shelter?